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About myself
My name is Gustavo Larriera. I am a Software Engineer & CS professor and also  Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

Born: 1962 (Montevideo, Uruguay where I live).

Personal interests
.NET Development, Databases & Data Warehousing, Collaboration Software, Taoism & Fengshui

Contact Information
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What's a Microsoft MVP?

Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program recognizes Microsoft specialists who voluntarily assist users in peer-to-peer online support groups, such as the Microsoft Newsgroups. MVPs come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, yet they all share one key attribute: a willingness to give time, expertise, and advice to enhance other users' technical skills. If you have some tough projects to get done, contact these independent, highly skilled MVP consultants to hear how they can help you get your projects done.